Filling Time

Many thanks for all the positive feedback on Filling Time! I'm delighted to hear it's helping so many drummers improve and develop their playing styles.
The book is the product of years of work and research into advanced and linear drumming techniques. It's the complete program for every drummer looking to improve both technically and musically. I'm pleased to say I have also released a new book entitled '50 Essential Warm-up for Drums'.

If you're looking for an enjoyable challenge then check them out.

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New Releases

I've teamed up with to create a new book about reading drum notation.

It's available to buy as a paperback and also a Kindle download HERE.

I'll be working with Fundamental-Changes to create more new material in the near future so join the mailing list for timely info on the latest releases.

New Drumming App 'Groove Vault' is available to download.

Load, play and edit your favourite beats and grooves. New beats added regularly.

Android: Groove Vault for Android
iOS: Groove Vault for iPhone/iPad

Song Tempo - The Live Performance Metronome.

Store your gig playlists and monitor the tempo visually. No need for headphones!

Android: Song Tempo for Android
iOS: Song Tempo for iPhone/iPad

I've developed a Negative Harmony app for Android and iOS. You can get more information at

iTunes: Download
Android: Download

If you haven't seen the 'Transcriptions' section, give it a visit for plenty of free drumming tutorials. I'll also be posting more drum lessons and tutorials on live and studio session drumming in the near future too.

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