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Chapter 1 Example 01-K

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Filling Time Advanced Drumming System is essential for all drummers who are serious about improving. Whether you prefer to play right or left handed, this is the only book you'll need.

The internet is full of countless drummers displaying impressive skills without properly explaining what exactly they are doing. This book clearly breaks down the techniques involved with modern drumming and will show you exactly what you need to achieve to be both musical AND have a lot of fun with your playing.

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What you'll receive:

  • Rock Beats and Fills
  • Funk Grooves
  • Linear Fills
  • Shuffles
  • Swing patterns
  • Gospel chops
  • Independence building
  • Bass drum & hand technique
  • Advanced syncopation
  • 32nd note grooves
  • Multiple tempo demonstration
  • Over 200 MP3s
  • Hundreds of individual exercises
  • Years of practise material

Chapter 2 Example 02-D

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Chapter 3 Example 03-E

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Chapter 4 Example 04-R

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Chapter 5 Example 05-C

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Chapter 8 Example 08-F

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Chapter 9 Example 09-D

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Chapter 10 Example 10-G

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