Drum Lessons

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Halftime Groove

Chad Smith

Work on the 16th patterns in bar 3 between hand and foot separately. Be careful to play the ghostnotes lightly.

Linear Drum Beat

Ilan Rubin

Learn the R,L,F and L,R,F combinations slowly and lightly with an emphasis on moving from the forearm/elbow.

Walk This Way - Drum Intro

Joey Kramer

Timing the bass drum with the open hihat bark is the key to nailing this beat.

Street Beatz 03

Jojo Mayer

Jojo starts the beat with pull-out accents on the snare hand. Start at a slow tempo and aim for accuracy and good dynamics.

Kick Hat Snare 08

Kev O'Shea

Practise the 'closed' roll on the edge of the snare. See how many times you can get the stick to bounce on each hand. Then increase the tempo.

Sting - Seven Days (basic pattern)

Vinnie Colaiuta

A hypnotic pattern in 5 which sounds easier than it really is.