A few new additions have been made to the lessons section. You can view the transcriptions in video format and download them as a pdf to your device for future reference.

Take a look here:

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Rhythm & Notation for Drummers

Master drum notation reading and build rhythm reading skills for a lifetime.

Rhythm and Notation for Drummers teaches you how to correctly interpret drum sheet notation, time signatures and drum charts, which will build both confidence and musicianship.

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Filling Time - Advanced Drumming System

Filling Time breaks down modern drumming techniques and patterns and to allow you to be both musical AND have a lot of fun with your playing. It's also available with over 200 MP3 playalongs. A must for all drummers.

Take the next step in your drumming - Today!

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50 Essential Warm-ups for Drums

50 Essential Warm-ups for Drums teaches you the perfect method to approach every practise session, gig, or drum lesson.

Whether you want to work through the book from A to B, or just dip in and focus on specific warm-up ideas, 50 Essential Warm-ups for Drums is the perfect study guide.

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