Learn how to read
Drum Notation

- in just 3 hours!

'The quickest route to reading
drum music'

Ideal for beginners to reading music, this masterclass course will have you reading, writing and understanding written drum music in no time!

Quick and easy-to-use, this is the fastest way to learn complex drum notation - as well as being packed full of exercises and revision tests to help you develop your sight-reading skills.

The course includes:

  • A 70 page full colour coursebook – with exercises and tests.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of complex notation for the modern drummer.
  • Everything you'll need to get started with reading and writing drum music.
What you'll learn:

Hour 1

Note identification
Notation rules
Correct use of rests
Introducing drum beats
Reading syncopated exercises

Hour 2

Advanced time signatures
Compound, additive, complex etc.
Examining subdivisions
Swing and shuffle variations

Hour 3

Advanced tuplet groupings
Rudimental notation
How to read a drum chart
Tips and terminology
Structural devices
Reading jazz 'hits'
Handwriting drum notation

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